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I took the colorIQ challenge a long time ago and I got a score of 2. It looks like my eyesight is degrading!colortest

Second, for my color assignment I decided that I really loved the way that faceted triangles can look. The app generates a series of meandering points and then computes the Delaunay triangulation of those points. Each triangle then varies one of the color elements based on its size. By varying the lightness you get some interesting 3D effects. The outlines are not in the original sketch – for some reason the Gif exporter added them.


ITP Logo Designs

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To redesign the ITP logo, I wanted to leverage the NYU logo elements to reflect the larger school’s image. I also wanted to reference the history of ITP as branching from the film and video disciplines, as well as its origins in the Tisch School of the Arts.

Here are some iterations.

I started moving towards free flowing, organic spirals using the flame elements from the NYU logo. However, I wanted to get more of an “iris” feel to reflect a camera. Here is the final design I decided upon. I chose not to do any coloring as I believe a logo should be made flexible to move about the color spectrum as necessary for its context. However, I believe the text (Futura) should remain black, or white on a dark background.


The Zune Logo

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I used to work on Xbox Music, which provides streaming and download music services for Xbox, PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Back in the day, it was called Zune and it included its own devices meant to be a competitor to the iPod.

While the brand is no more, I always loved everything about it. The quirky yet sleek feel of the device, the software, the advertisements, etc. was really unique to Microsoft, which tends to over-simplify its design and quickly loses the “coolness” in its products. Zune, or at least its design and branding, was cool.


A Proposed Business Card

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I have an ever-increasing number of roles in my life – I’m a graduate candidate at NYU, I’m the new CTO of Library For All ( and of course I have my own personal life. Trying to make a card that meets all of these needs seemed like a bit of a challenge. Luckily, the first thing I do whenever I join a new system is snag the username “moneppo”.

Typeset My Name!

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I really hate the way my name looks. There’s something about the “hae” letters that look very strange to me. So setting my name was somewhat of a challenge.

Totally by accident, I found that as I played with fonts, I found the ones I liked were all caps fonts. I had selected a variety at first, but unconsciously I had culled out all of the fonts with lower caps! Also, I noted that my choices seem like pretty classic, non-experimental typefaces.

Sans Serif

1 2

Fun With Expressive Words

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The last one is a little meta, really intended for Visual Language classmates.words

Show Me the Way

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Here are some pieces of signage design that I think are notable.

Bad Signage

In Seattle, this is how they mark the “No Parking” zone in front of a stop sign. It drove me crazy for six years. People repeatedly would get ticketed for being too close to the stop sign. How on earth does somebody know if they are 30 feet away? I had friends keep measuring tapes in their cars.

Basic Design Analysis: The Verge Homepage

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The Grid


A nicely used, rich three column. The page almost feels to busy, but instead you just feel like the site has a lot to talk about and makes you want to read it all. Good choice for a tech news blog, but there are some issues in spacing and fonts that make this a little less effective than it could be.