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Ludlow & Houston: Storyboards

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For our video project, we will be making a short documentary about Ludlow & Houston, the famous intersection where Katz’s Delicatessen has been serving customers for more than 100 years.

To storyboard our documentary, we decided the best way to cover the intersection and its history was through images. Here is our general storyboard, with captions to get a feel of what we want people to be saying under our shots of the current neighborhood, photos of its past, etc.

The Machine Isn’t Ever Going to Start

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Just finished “The Machine Stops” by E.M. Forster, which is extremely impressive in its references to the future with concepts like instant messaging, video chat, telecommuting, etc.

I understand the tale is meant to be a warning to the over-dependence on technology for our needs, however I think that while the warning might have been useful in 1909, after watching 100 years of technical progression to the point where we have 80% of what E.M. Forster describes, we’d still be okay if the internet gets shut down.

Great Artists Steal

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I’m not a stranger to the complexities of source. In art, technology, design, pretty much every field of human endeavor, there is an endless tension between the sharing of software – ideas, code, anything that cannot exist without a corporeal body to interpret it – and getting paid to make it. When I hear the phrase “software wants to be free” my mind immediately jumps to the ease of digital copes. But it equally applies to any concept, invention, or expression. Ideas are just as easily copied from brain to brain, albeit imperfectly.

In certain areas of the software industry, you are not allowed to even look at open source code, for fear that you will be tainted by the concepts therein. And yet, almost all of modern computing has been built on tribal knowledge, common understandings, open discoveries, and public secrets.

But how do you make a living, if your best skill is making ideas?

Video Short in 30 Minutes: Stuck

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First group video assignment for our ITP Comm Lab: Sound and Video, with the awesome Fletcher Bach. Assignment was to make a video in 30 minutes. I’d say we did pretty well!

The song is “Stuck” by Kali. More info here: